About Us

Dynamic Technology Concepts, LLC

Over 25 years ago, DYNATEC started conducting research and testing on formulae it created and developed, which deliver unequaled performance and the highest quality. The results of these efforts have led to the creation of the revolutionary line of MPG+ products. The first being made available by DYNATEC is MPG+ Synthetic Engine Treatment. MPG+ is a fully synthetic metal conditioner which actually bonds to the metal at the atomic level, thereby radically reducing friction, which enables an engine to run much more efficiently. This radical reduction of friction significantly increases fuel economy, considerably reduces harmful emissions, extraordinarily reduces engine wear, markedly improves overall performance, by increasing horsepower and torque, and substantially reduces engine oil temperature. MPG+ contains no halogenated (chlorinated) hydrocarbons or paraffin, so it is in no way caustic or corrosive to vital engine parts. MPG+ is compatible with any type of oil, whether petroleum or synthetic based. MPG+ does not alter engine tolerances, or adversely impact metal properties.